2. koncertmester

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Fredag den 27. januar 2023


Onsdag den 11. januar 2023



Første sats med kadence fra en af følgende:
Mozart koncert nr.4, KV218 

Mozart koncert nr.5, KV219

+ orkesteruddrag


Første sats af én af følgende koncerter:

Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Nielsen, Sibelius

+ orkesteruddrag



Kandidaten forventes at lede en kort prøve med et mindre ensemble.


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Der skal ikke fremsendes kopier af eksamenspapirer, diplomer, anbefalinger eller fotos.


Musikkens Plads 1, DK-9000 Aalborg

Att: Anders M. Christensen


Tlf. +45 9813 1955


Second Concertmaster


Friday, January 27th 2023                                                                                                                               

Application deadline

January 11th, 2023

All candidates are automatically invited to the audition.

Audition Requirements

1st round
1St movement with cadenza from one of the following:
Mozart concerto no.4 KV218
Mozart concerto no.5 KV219
+ orchestral excerpts

2nd round

First movement of one of following concertos:

Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Nielsen, Sibelius

+ Orchestral excerpts

3rd round

Chamber music

Candidates are expected to lead a short rehearsal with a small ensemble.

Orchestral excerpts


The auditions will take place in Musikkens Hus, Aalborg. An accompanist will be provided.

Apply here
Copies of exam papers, diplomas, recommendations or photos are not to be attached to the application.

Some general information

At Aalborg SO we try ensuring that all contestants have the opportunity to show their very best on the audition days:

• we try to follow a time schedule, so you can be prepared when you are expected to play for every round. 

• the program for the rounds might be cut depending on the number of contestants on the day, but we will always announce what we expect to hear prior to every round, and we will not cut anybody off

• all contestants will be guaranteed an individual practice room where you can warm up and will be called in for the audition by our stagehands who can help you with further questions on the audition day.

• all rounds will take place in our wonderful concert hall. For the 1. and 2. round the jury will be behind a screen, so you can play out into the (almost) empty hall

• the piano will be tuned in A=442

• all the excerpts are to be found in pdf under the link to this audition

• on audition days our artist lounge is reserved as a hang out place for all contestants.  There is free coffee, beverages fruit and some snacks . There are also a few places one can find food in direct proximity to the hall 

• as soon as the deadline for this audition is closed you will get a mail with further information that might be valid for you planning. Feel free to contact Anders M. Christensen , in case you don’t here from us by then or if you have any further question regarding the audition. We want already now to wish you all the best of luck for your audition here in Aalborg.

An accompanist will be provided for the auditions. The orchestra tunes to A=442.

Applicants must pay their own travel and accommodation expenses. 

Contact Information

Aalborg Symphony Orchestra
Musikkens Plads 1, DK-9000 Aalborg

Att: Anders M. Christensen

Phone: (+45) 9813 1955

Getting to Aalborg and info about Aalborg 




Aalborg Symphony Orchestra employs 65 permanent musicians. Salaries and conditions of employment are in accordance with standard contracts for musicians in Danish regional orchestras. Please note that for Non-EU citizens employment is dependent on valid work and residency permits, which can be applied for if necessary, following a successful audition. Aalborg Symphony Orchestra has no age limit for applicants and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration.